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Whenever you are travelling to overseas, you certainly need a special kind of insurance which can protect you from all the misfortunes while traveling. Visitor's Insurance is the only thing which stands between an insured and the financial hardships which they could face due to enormous healthcare and livelihood expenses.

Even if you are in good health, you have no guarantee that you will not be a victim of someone else's carelessness. Even something small as food poisoning would bring about excessive medical bills and you may end up bringing back home large amount of debt. Visitor Insurance can make sure that your trip insurance choice is the right plan at right place to grab the benefits of enjoyable trip.

Most of the visitor's insurance plans fall under any of the two types mentioned below:

A) Limited Coverage Plans: In this type of plan, coverage is pre-identified for each type of services. It provides basic protection but may not be sufficient. As the cost of insurance is less, coverage is limited to predefined clause of fixed amount of charges, the insured must read carefully the policy booklet for benefits and coverage details.

Key features of Limited Coverage Plans are mentioned as under:

• Low Cost
• Restricted coverage as per the policy defined clause
• The insured can visit any hospital or doctor as per his/her wish but the payment by
   the insurance company will be done on a pre-defined amount after you pay the deductible.


B) Comprehensive Coverage Plans: These plans offer much better and flexible coverage after one time deductible has been paid. The risk of the insured is a maximum of 20% of the cost of the first $5,000 and rest all is the responsibility of the insurance company. The benefits may differ based on the plan and the company. Please refer to the plan detail for exact coverage.

Key features of Comprehensive Coverage Plans are mentioned as under:
• More costly as compared to limited coverage plan
• Better coverage and more protection


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