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Visitor to Canada Insurance


When people visit Canada for just enjoyment, to do some business or to stay there for few weeks, it is always a good idea to get visitor to Canada insurance so that they can take care of themselves if anything happens to them.

The following persons must take visitor to Canada insurance:

• Non-residents who are visiting Canada from other country
• Travelers who are visiting other countries but are spending most of their time in Canada
• Returning Canadians or permanent residents who are waiting for their provincial health care plan to start
• Canadians who want to provide coverage of visiting family members or friends.

Major benefits of visitor to Canada insurance are:
• Hospital Accommodation
• Physician Charges
• Diagnostic Services
• Private Duty Nursing during Hospitalization
• Ambulance Services and Emergency Air Transport
• Prescriptions Drugs
• Medical Appliances
• Paramedical Services
• Acupuncture Treatment
• Treatment of Dental Accident
• Emergency Relief of Dental Pain
• Air Flight Accident
• Repatriation
• Preparation and Return of Remains


Canada Insurance Coverage is one of the best insurance companies in Toronto when it comes to providing a Visitor to Canada insurance for travelers.


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