In term life policies, premiums remain the same over the life of the policy and the insurance usually ends when the insured reaches a specific age. If the insured died during the period of the insurance, his or her loved ones will receive tax-free benefits. It is cost effective plan with some flexibility to adjust to your long-term goals. As the premium is fixed for life time, there is no cash increase in a term policy and thus the death benefit will not increase.

This is good plan for you if:

• You have got dependent children
• You have got debts that need immediate protection
• You are a business man or woman with large set up costs

You can make up for your insurance with add-ons like:

• Premium surrender in the event of total disability
• Accidental fracture
• Accidental death and injury coverage
• Critical illness coverage
• Child insurance requirement
• Customer death and disability waiver

Term life insurance provides death protection for a certain period of time or may call for certain term. Or better, we can say that term life insurance provides temporary life insurance protection at a very low cost. Term Life Insurance covers you for a predetermined period of time. Your family will get the compensation under Term Life Insurance only if you die during the period of coverage otherwise you have the option to renew the term life insurance.

Canada Insurance Coverage is one of the leading companies from Toronto that can offer you Term Life Insurance!

Major benefits of Term life insurance are:

1. Lower Premiums
2. Higher Coverage
3. Simple to understand and allows for personal choice.
4. Conversion Option: You can convert Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance Policy.
5. Choice for the beneficiary: Beneficiary can use the benefit amount towards paying the mortgage, pay off other loans, living expenses or for education expenses.
6. Flexible payment option: You can choose the payment method that suits you best.
7. Convenience: You can apply from the comfort of your home.


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