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There is nothing which upsets more than payment of taxes. One question that goes through every tax payer's mind is "how can I reduce my tax liability?" Reducing tax liability is not always a bad or illegal exercise. There are legal ways to reduce taxes through tax planning and such practices are always encouraged.

Tax planning is the arrangement of financial activities so that maximum tax benefits, as provided in the income-tax can be availed of.

In other words, tax planning is a process used by the individuals, businesses and organizations to evaluate their financial profile, to minimize the amount of taxes to be paid on personal income of business profit.

Effective tax planning requires analyzing investment instruments, expenditures and other factors as filing status for their tax liability impact.

Major advantages of Tax Planning are:

Money grows income tax-free.
Withdrawal used for higher education expenses are exempt from income tax.
The account holder keeps the control of the assets within the program not considering the age of the beneficiary.
Most of the plans have very low monthly contribution limits and thus the monthly income level does not matter at all.
The beneficiary of the plan can be changed at any time.
Money can be used at any recognized college in the country.
Money can be used for various education related activities like paying for tuition fees, room, board, books, supplies and required equipment.
Contributions can be made through payroll deduction or automatic transfer from bank account.
Assets are protected from bankruptcy.


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