Retirement planning is the act of setting aside enough money during one's younger years to afford income savings during retirement. In other words, retirement planning is provision of finances for retirement.

The goal of the retirement planning is to realize financial liberty, so that the need to be profitably employed is discretionary rather than a obligation. The process of retirement planning is to evaluate willingness to retire given a preferred retirement age and lifestyle. It also identifies actions to develop willingness to retire.

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The Canadian government has developed a calculator to help you plan for retirement. This calculator takes you slowly but surely through an approximate of the constant income you may receive during your retirement from:

• Old Age Security
• Canada Pension Plan
• Employer Pensions
• Registered Retirement Saving Plans
• Other sources of ongoing income

Major benefits of the Retirement Planning are:

• Contributions made to a pension plan are tax deductible.
• Employer contributions do not affect any payroll taxes as they are not included to determine the

   contributions to other programs.
• Investment incomes generated by the pension fund in which contributions increase are tax free.
• The employer contributions are vested to the plan member as soon as his or her membership

• In case of the member's death, his or her spouse or designated beneficiary or members heirs

   receives the pension or other benefit.
• The benefits accrued in a plan cannot be seized, except in few cases like seizure for child

   maintenance etc.
• The pension fund can be seized if the business goes bankrupt as the fund does not belong to

   the employer.


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