A non-registered plan enables investors to invest an indefinite amount of money in funds with coverage throughout the world. Non-Registered plans are not tax free, the gains and losses declared for income tax purposes.

Non-Registered Investment accounts can be in the name of individual, in a joint name, in trust or on behalf of incorporated and unincorporated organizations.


Canada Insurance Coverage, one of the best insurance companies from Toronto, can provide Non-Registered Investments.

Benefits of non-registered investment:

• No contribution or withdrawal limits
• No account fees
• Potentially higher rate of return than on your bank account, and you have right of entry to our different investment schemes
• Guarantee value

The below mentioned persons can consider a non-registered plan:

• Investors who have reached their contribution limits in registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) but they are interested to take benefit from their investments to carry out their plans.

• This plan is suitable for the Investors who are interested to obtain a source of income through a systematic withdrawal program.

• Non-registered investment plans are taken by the investors who wish to mount up their money in short term like vacations.


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