Insurance for Students


Insurance for Students


For the students who are studying in Canada, taking student insurance policy is very essential. This insurance has been designed so as to ensure financial security to the student in case of any emergency arises overseas as it offers valuable balance for medical and non-medical coverage based on the type of policy.

Taking a appropriate insurance plan, students get the liberty to focus on studies without worrying about the unreasonable expenses that might come on their way.

Different types of coverage under students insurance are as below:

• Student Health Insurance: It will take care of all medical expenses including hospital costs and doctor's fees, preventive check-up, dental care, medicines etc.

• Student Renter's Insurance: It covers the losses on the place rented by the student in case of fire, natural disaster, theft etc.

• Student Liability Insurance: Under this policy, the insured is protected against damages, if he accidentally damages a property or hurts someone.

• Student Travel Insurance: This insurance take care of all expenses like medical expenses, financial protection against loss of luggage, trip cancellation insurance and so on during travelling to various destinations like to some educational excursions, travelling to and fro to the student's motherland to see family and friends during holidays during the years of study etc.

Some of the main common features of students insurance policy are:

1. Round the clock coverage to the insured
2. Eligibility of dependents
3. Loss of Baggage
4. Accident and Medical Coverage


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