Foreign Worker Insurance


Foreign Worker Insurance


Whenever a new migrant worker is hired by Canadian resident to work for his company, but not aiming to settle here in the host country, the Canadian resident is required to take an insurance plan as a security which guarantees for the employment of foreign workers.

This insurance serves as a guarantee to cover the expenses of sending the migrant worker back home in case he is required to because of:

• Breach of Immigration Act
• He is caught in illegal and illicit activities such as drug, wicked work etc.
• Your company goes bankrupt and is not in a position to provide the expenses to the worker to return home.

The premium charged in this insurance depends upon the nationality of the worker and the guarantee requirement.

While taking the Foreign Workers Insurance, the employer must follow the below mentioned terms and conditions:

Duty of disclosure: He must reveal all the material facts which he might know and which would affect our guarantee concern of your proposal. The proposal form should be completed correctly as it will shape the basis of your insurance contract.

Cash before cover: Full premium has to be paid before the effective date of the cover.


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