Disability Insurance: If you become disabled and cannot work, there are several disability insurance policies and disability Insurance provides financial security to an individual who becomes disabled due to accident or illness and is unable to earn an income. This insurance replaces a portion of your income. Disability Insurance benefits are always payable on a monthly basis while disability continues until 65 years of age.

Disability Insurance is the right choice if:

• You don't have group insurance coverage.
• You are a business man or self-employed.

Major benefits of this insurance are mentioned hereunder:

o Tax-free benefits every month until you are disabled
o The benefit is based upon a percentage of your regular income
o The insured can spend the benefit as per his/her desire

The benefits offered to disabled persons under Disability Insurance can be summarized into following categories:

• Employer Disability Insurance Benefits
• State Disability Insurance Benefits
• Social Security Disability Benefits
• Workers' Compensation Disability Insurance Benefits
• Veteran's Disability Insurance Benefits


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