Critical Insurance: This covers Expenses related to coping with and recovering from a serious illness as a lump sum amount is paid on initial diagnosis of a serious medical problem. It can be incorporated with other insurance policy. To obtain the benefits of Critical Insurance, the insured should be:

• Persons should be keen to obtain particular medical treatment.
• Parents should be forced to leave their job temporarily and devote themselves to the recovery of their child.
• Persons should like to have nursing care or should go on a trip to assist in their healing.
• Business men/women or self-employed workers who should compensate for the loss of productivity or clients after an illness.

Major advantages of Critical Insurance are:

• A Tax-free lump sum is paid out within 30 days of diagnosis of a serious illness meeting the specific criteria.

• This amount can be used in whatever way you see fit.

• Generally all serious illness are covered including cancer, strokes, heart attacks, major organ transplants, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and coronary artery bypass.

• Any additional illnesses covered will be mentioned in the key features document provided by the insurer.

• Critical illness insurance is considered almost essential for those who have dependants as it provides protection to the independents.

• Automatic critical illness coverage is provided to the children along with the insured.

• This is beneficial for those who develop medical conditions in later stages in life.

• Critical illness cover can give peace of mind to those people who have young children or dependents that they will be covered in case of any eventuality that they can no longer work.

• This allows for stress free recovery time and make sure that the dependants lifestyle will not have to suffer.


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