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Make your visit hassle free with Visitor to Canada Insurance Toronto


Millions of people travel across the globe every year including travelers and plenty of immigrants. Getting insurance coverage while travelling to another country can help you to at the time of any financial exigency due to illness or injury.

While in a foreign country, even a small accident can spoil your holiday or travel as you have to spend extra money on hospitalization and medication.

To cover all these additional expenses and all other expenses which arise due to various awkward incidents, one needs the Visitor’s Insurance so that it can cover you both financially and mediating with the hospital on your behalf and providing other various services.

Visitor’s Insurance can be classified into various types of Insurance, for instance:

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Foreign Workers Insurance
  3. Visitor to Canada Insurance
  4. Insurance for Student

Most of the Visitor’s Insurance plans come under following two types:

  • Limited Coverage Plans: These provide basic protection which is predetermined and this may not be sufficient as this plan does not cover each and every type of services. As the cost of insurance is low, coverage is limited to predefined clause of fixed amount of charges.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Plans: These plans provide much better and flexible coverage after payment of one time premium. Due to better coverage and more protection offered by this plan, it is rather more expensive.

Visitor to Canada Insurance Toronto is very important for those:

  • Who are non-residents and visiting to Canada from other countries
  • Travelers who are otherwise visiting other countries but spending most of their time in Canada
  • Who are permanent residents and returning to Canada and are waiting to start their provincial health care plan
  • Permanent residents of Canada who want to provide coverage for their visiting family members or friends.

One of the most noteworthy advantages of the visitor to Canada Insurance Toronto is that you are free from all botherations of paying healthcare expenses. Also there is not dual nationality issue. Secondly, you do not have to bear all the travelling expenses as well as medical expenses when you are sick, injured or coping with any sort of difficult situation.

To elaborate more, major benefits of Visitor to Canada Insurance Toronto are:

  • It protects from unforeseen expenses due to an illness or injury while travelling in Canada.
  • If your Provincial health coverage has not yet started, it compensates you for a medical emergency.
  • It can save thousands in your or your loved ones’ medical bills.
  • It gives peace of mind to visiting family or friends.

Thus, visitor visa insurance policy is very specific, trustworthy, inexpensive, durable, sustainable and lifelong not only for a single individual but for all without a doubt.

About the Author: Manoj Vohra is the proprietor of the Canadian Insurance Coverage, Toronto. CIC is an independent insurance agency working with one crucial motto “Professionalism and honesty is compulsory to build long term relationship with the customers. CIC is providing affordable and beneficial service to its clients looking for Travel Insurance Toronto or various types of investment plans like (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) RRSP Plans Toronto for you to save for your retirement. You can follow him on twitter@xyz.


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