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Canada Super Visa Insurance – Benefit or Nuisance for the aspiring guests?


The new launched Canadian Super Visa has generated much enthusiasm among the immigrantcommunity. Similarly, the Canada Super Visa Insurance has also created heated debates among itssupporters and critics.

One of the points which are weaknesses of this program is that the applicant must have a minimum of$100,000 worth of medical insurance bought from a Canadian insurance company and also you cannotwork during your stay in Canada under this program.

Also the cost of this insurance is expensive and the applicant has to spend a huge amount to get thepolicy which otherwise he can get at low-priced rates from his native country. Moreover, at the time ofclaims from the insurance companies, most of the companies refuse the amount of claim on the basis ofone excuse or the other.

The critics are of the view that the Super Visa Insurance program has been started by the CanadianGovernment just to discourage the migration into Canada, particularly for parents and grandparents.

But apart from the downside, there are also some benefits of this insurance program. One of the majorbenefits of the Super Visa Insurance program is that the healthcare expenses are very high in Canada and during visit to Canada.

If any person become disable due to some injury or illness and he or she has to be hospitalized, it willcost an enormous amount to the Canadian Government and thus having the private medical insurancewill make it sure that the Canadian healthcare system will not be burdened any further. Hence, in thetime of economical disaster, countries around the world are trying to put off the extra burden and thisis one of the few steps which discourage the immigration of non fruitful people to their country and alsothey are becoming additional burden on the host country.

Apart from protection against emergency medical care cost, Super Visa Insurance also cover theimmigrants for side trips outside Canada, childcare expenses in the event of a hospitalization, trip breaksand more.

Thus, it is clear that despite being expensive, the Super Visa Insurance has many benefits for the visitorswho want to visit Canada hassle free and meet their children and grandchildren.


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