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Steps to follow to get your insurance claims without any difficulty


Time and again, everyone might have heard the horrible stories about not getting the insurance claimsfrom their insurance company.

This is a common practice that the insurance companies deny claim on one pretext or other as they areonly interested in receiving the premiums and at the time of payment of claims, they are very reluctantto do so.

Thus there are several people thinking that the insurance companies never pay claims and they askthemselves one simple question: Is insurance just a big scam? As the question, the answer is also simple“NO”.

But there are definitely steps to be followed so that the insurance company never denies you claim.

Some of the steps to be followed are as under:

  1. Purchase Insurance before leaving: No Insurance company will deny the claim if the insurancepolicy is purchased before leaving on your trip. Purchasing the policy after reaching Canada willnot ensure you the claim.
  2. Pre-existing Conditions: Insurance companies may deny a claim if a certain condition (diagnosedby the doctor or not) is pre-existing and you knew that this could cause you to make a claim onyour trip. You can verify if any pre-existing situations are covered by reading a review about theinsurance company.
  3. Reply the Questionnaire honestly: Always answer the medical questionnaire very carefully andtruthfully as you claim can be denies if any of your particulars found incorrect at a later stage.
  4. Call before treatment: Always remember to call your insurance company or agent wheneveryou are going to receive an emergency medical treatment or the insurance company may denythe claim on the pretext that you don’t call them before the treatment.
  5. Extensions of the coverage: Normally, your coverage tends to automatic extension. But somecompanies may not offer the automatic extension and they require you to call them in advanceregarding the extension of the coverage or otherwise, they will deny the claim.
  6. General omissions: There are certain conditions due to which you get injured, which arenot covered under the insurance. Thus, always read these exclusions carefully in the policycertificate. If you got injured when engaged in any of these condition, you insurance companywill probably deny the claim.
  7. Incomplete documentation for a claim: Failing to fill the insurance company’s claimdocumentation completely, and in time may result in denial of claims by the insurancecompanies. All the documents required by the insurance companies along with their claim formshould be attached even if their requirement seems unfair.
  8. Provincial Health Insurance Plan: Every Canadian travel insurance policy need that you must berecovered by a government health insurance plan for the full duration of your trip. If you don’thave the provincial health insurance coverage during your trip, you may not be covered under the travel insurance and hence the claims may be denied.
  9. Read the policy: You can reduce the chances of rejection of your claim by carefully readingthe policy and buy early. Sites like canadainsurancecoverage.ca will let you compare differentpolicies before you buy.










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